Birmingham 2018

Risk and Risk Communication in Colorectal Surgery – Nigel Scott

Nigel ScottSpeaking on the subject of his Keynote Lecture, Nigel Scott told us:

“Strictly speaking risk is the chance of anything good or bad happening, but in our line of work it is not the good stuff – it is the bad stuff that needs to be put out there. At the heart of this are numbers – how many people had a colorectal cancer resection and then died, is one of the more reliable numbers we have to hand. But does just saying the simple number out loud in a busy outpatient clinic – represent the adequate communication of risk?

So how can we best present the context of risk, how in a time-target driven environment can we make sure there is a sufficient ‘cooling off’ period for the patient to understand the risks and finally how do we make sure we have covered what the patient wants to know and not just what we think they should be told. And that’s just for starters.”

Risk and Risk Communication in Colorectal Surgery
Nigel Scott, Keynote Lecture

Tuesday, 10 July 2018, 14:45-15:15, Hall 1