The Dukes’ Club Programme


We are delighted to announce that The Dukes’ Club lecture will be given by Professor Nancy Baxter (Toronto, Canada) on ‘Reflections on a career training tomorrow’s colorectal surgeons’.

Dukes’ committee members will co-chair sessions throughout the conference to promote full relevance and interest to trainee ACPGBI members.

The Dukes’ Club will help deliver several key sessions within the main scientific programme for the 2020 meeting. These will include:

  • The Dukes’ Club Symposium – a session of renowned speakers and fascinating topics, developed to inspire and motivate.
  • Laparoscopy in Colorectal Emergency General Surgery – combined session with EGS subcommittee looking at tips and tricks, pearls and pitfalls of laparoscopy in emergency colorectal surgery
  • Inverse mentoring event – one-to-one discussions between consultants and trainees to help flatten traditional hierarchies and allow two-way flow of support and advice on training and employment issues, technology, social media, altmetrics and collaborative research.
  • A TIME workshop on ‘producing a medical podcast’. The workshop will be pre-registered and be delivered alongside the team that deliver the ‘Behind the Knife’ podcasts.
  • ST8 and post-CCT Associate Members of ACPGBI will be welcome at the launch of the Early Years Consultant Forum at 6pm on Tuesday 7 July.

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