TIME Workshops

Facing the lifelong challenges of a surgical career

We all encounter professional challenges throughout our careers, facing different issues at various stages of our working lives as trainees, consultants, nurses and allied health professionals looking after patients with colorectal disease.

We embrace these challenges, and shall offer a series of themed TIME Workshops aimed at equipping us better to deal with non-clinical professional matters.

We have chosen a variety of key topics spanning a career timeline:

  • Returning to work after a career break
  • Preparing a research grant application
  • Transition to consultant practice
  • Finding, keeping and using mentors
  • Burnout: how to prevent and detect?
  • Tax, pension, and retirement planning
  • Delivering effective PPI
  • Establishing a medicolegal practice
  • Voluntary service in global outreach programmes
  • How to make a podcast
  • Using the PFS database and enhanced consent
  • Getting the most out of IBD databases

Our time, your time, looking beyond our times…

Our Early Years Consultant Network will be launched in Edinburgh 2020 to provide peer support and guidance for consultants at the start of their consultant careers.