Malcolm Dunlop

Alison on 16 May 2018
Malcolm Dunlop

Malcolm Dunlop

Malcolm Dunlop, MD FRCS FRSE FMedSci, is Professor and Group Leader in the MRC Human Genetics Unit, part of the University of Edinburgh Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine. He has held the Chair of Coloproctology at Edinburgh University and served as Academic Head of the Colorectal Surgery Unit, Western General Hospital in Edinburgh since 2000.

His research interests are themed around the ultimate aim of reducing of morbidity and mortality from large bowel cancer through early detection and prevention. To this end, he has focused his research on unravelling the genetic architecture of colorectal cancer risk and defining its functional consequences. His team and his collaborators have been highly successful in identifying genes and genetic risk factors predisposing to colorectal cancer. The ultimate aim is to understand disease causation and apply genetic information to prevention He maintains a clinical practice with a caseload of cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. The application of his discoveries in genetics to clinical benefit is his primary goal.

How is all this genomics nonsense relevant to me as a surgeon?
Malcolm Dunlop, Goligher Keynote Lecture
Wednesday 11 July 2018, 10:00-10:30, Hall 1

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