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Nigel Scott

Risk and Risk Communication in Colorectal Surgery – Nigel Scott

Speaking on the subject of his Keynote Lecture, Nigel Scott told us: “Strictly speaking risk is the chance of anything good or bad happening, but in our line of work...

Malcolm Dunlop

How is all this genomics nonsense relevant to me as a surgeon? – Malcolm Dunlop

Speaking on the subject of his Goligher Keynote Lecture, Professor Dunlop told us: “There have been enormous steps forward in technological aspects of genetics applied to colorectal cancer over the last...

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Improving surgical care on a global stage

Over the coming years the NIHR Global Surgery Unit will develop independent, sustainable surgical research hubs across Africa, Asia and the Americas. At ACPGBI we will enjoy presentations from surgeons...

Dion Morton

What have randomised trials done for patients with colorectal disease? Interview with Professor Dion Morton

Continuing our series of interviews previewing this year’s ACPGBI annual meeting (9-11 July), we talked to Professor Dion Morton (Barling Professor of Surgery, University of Birmingham) about some of the...

Jim Hill

Looking forward to ACPGBI 2018 with President James Hill

In a series of interviews, we will be previewing this year’s ACPGBI Annual Meeting in Birmingham, 9-11 July. We talked to Professor James Hill, President of the ACPGBI, who highlighted...

ACPGBI 2018 Annual Meeting

The Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland’s 2018 Annual Meeting took place 9-11 July at the Birmingham International Convention Centre.