Dear Colleagues

We are delighted to invite you to ACPGBI’s 2018 Annual Meeting at the International Conference Centre in Birmingham.

We are returning to this excellent venue, having previously held successful ACPGBI and Tripartite meetings here. Its central location and excellent transport links make it easily accessible. Birmingham is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city and over the last few years it has seen unprecedented levels of investment and development.

The varied scientific programme includes sessions on emergency surgery, perioperative care, screening controversies in inflammatory bowel disease, an invited video session, NASBO, online innovation, parastomal hernia and advanced cancer. The always popular consultant corner will make a comeback. The plenary research session will be followed by another colorectal challenge pitching the old and wise against the young and dynamic of our speciality.

Keynote lectures will be delivered on communication and consent, the direction of travel for rectal cancer surgery, the patient benefits of randomised trials in colorectal disease and familial colorectal cancer.

We are trying to encourage as many of our nursing and allied health care professional colleagues to attend. Please support their attendance at this meeting.

We do hope you enjoy your time in Birmingham and enjoy an excellent meeting for you and our guests.

James Hill, President
Peter Sagar, Honorary Secretary
Brendan Moran, President Elect
Nicola Fearnhead, President in Waiting

Angus Watson

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Nigel Scott

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