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Dear Colleagues and Friends

On behalf of the ACPGBI, I would like to invite you to attend the Annual Meeting for 2021. While we have been desperate to have a face to face meeting, the timing just does not make that viable and we have been forced into making it virtual.

Nevertheless we have strived to deliver the meeting in a way that is different to the average virtual format. We have invested heavily in a ‘live’ meeting with speakers and panels appropriately socially distanced but giving a more realistic feel to discussion and debates. This means really gearing up the content and quality but at the same time keeping registration fees as low as we possibly can.

Just to give you a brief taster!…

‘Ditch the dogma’ seeks to question why we continue to do certain things like defunctioning a low anastomosis, doing rectal cancer operations in every hospital, and surgeons still doing colonoscopy, should we not leave it to gastroenterologists?

The bee’s knees highlights innovations such as colon capsule, immunofluorescence and artificial intelligence in surgery not to mention the use of faecal odour.

There are updates on managing pilonidal sinus, rectovaginal fistulae and perineal herniae, how to do a rafaelo procedure, and an epsit procedure.

UK and international keynote speakers present their experience on topics as diverse as fistula in ano, emergency colorectal surgery, surgical variation and the changing face of surgical research.

Left of field sessions cover topics such as how to be a great trainer, how to do research as a busy consultant, and how to look after yourself. There are tips on pensions, getting an award, working abroad, how to handle yourself in court and even how to write a novel.

Finally we reveal our skeletons in the closet; our worst nightmares, how to cope when things go wrong and when the lawyers get involved.

This is a very brief flavour of events but there is much much more

We do hope you will join us.

Steven Brown, ACPGBI President